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Let's see, how we can help you in becoming part of that change!

About the Foundation

Artificial intelligence will be the engine of the ongoing scientific revolution in the next few years. AI Embassy Foundation aims to make Poland the centre of the innovation.

Free trainings

Knowledge is a key element that allows to introduce innovation. AI Embassy connects Artificial Intelligence experts with those people, who would like to develop their skills in that area, by organizing free workshops and trainings, both online and offsite.

Conferences and events

Building the innovation also requires to create a working community of experts, companies and investors. To achieve that, our Foundation takes part in conferences and meetups, but we also organize our own events. Please contact us, if you'd like to create an AI community in our area.

Support for the business

The AI revolution needs the business involvement. Do you already have an idea to implement Artificial Intelligence in your company, but haven't started working on it yet? Or maybe you need a spark of inspiration of how it could make your business even better? Please check our offer of free trainings or reach us directly to talk about free consultancy services.

Are you an IT company or have already implemented AI-based projects, but still need some support in developing them? Please contact us to discuss the commercial offer of the AI Embassy Foundation.

We strongly believe Artificial Intelligence may revolutionize the future. If so do you, please support our efforts and donate any amount to make it happen.

The benefits of using AI

Automation of repetitive processes

Business costs optimization

Making data-driven decisions

Our projects


Styczeń 2020


The winning project of the Smogathon 2019, category "The identification of pollution sources". This is a Data Science based method to detect the smog sources.


Are you passionate about AI-based solutions?
Let's talk about the things we can make together!

Writing about us

“Awards were given in the following categories:
Identification of Air Pollution Sources (category patron: Krakow Smog Alert) - AI Embassy Team: An innovative method of pollution data analysis using satellite data and artificial intelligence.”

“In the category of Identifying air pollution sources, the AI Embassy team turned out to be the best. He presented an innovative method of analyzing pollution data using satellite data and artificial intelligence. ”

Events and conferences

7. February - 7. June 2022

Tech Leaders

Mentoring support for women in the IT industry - the 7th edition of Tech Leaders is launching!

13. April 2021

Digital Banking Academy

Digital Banking Academy is a series of trainings targetted specifically to banking sector. It is organized by the Polish Bank Association.

February/March 2021

Let's solve it

Let’s Solve IT is an international project, which aims to help in overcoming the challenges and solving issues of the woman in the areas of IT and new technologies.

15-16. November 2020

skyhacks 2020

Skyhacks is a 3 day-long event, including an AI/ML hackathon. Its participants will try to solve real problems, using the provided data.

23-24. October 2020


GHOST Day: AMLC is an event focused on practical usage of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence research and using statistics in a non-standard way.

16. October 2020

DSS 2020

Data Science Summit is the biggest independent Data Science conference in the whole CEE region.

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Our initiatives require financial outlays. If you also think AI may be a new revolution and would like to support its development, please support our efforts by donating to the AI Embassy Foundation.